niger trigger

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    Niger trigger in a nano

    Now i hardly use forums as i have trust in my LFS for quality advice along with reading aricles. Neither have failed me yet, untill i heared something so absurd that it made me question. Now from what im aware, captive bred niger triggers need about 400 litres to thrive in and on average get to...
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    Help! Fish mysteriously dying over the course of 4 months

    I've had a 180 gal predator FOWLR tank since 2011 with the same fish: Niger Trigger(~4.5 inches), Picasso Trigger(3 inches), Huma Trigger(1.5 inches), Clown Grouper(4 inches), and Snowflake Eel(18 inches). I keep the temp and pH at 8.2 and 76 degrees. They are fed tuna, shrimp, chopped clam, and...