1. cheeseballhaggis

    Beginner with an established tank

    I bought a house 8 months ago, and out of what the previous owners left behind, the saltwater fish tank is the most complicated to deal with. (The bed was a weird thing to leave behind, too.) I'm essentially a beginner, though I have learned a lot about basic things I need to do. Anyway...
  2. J

    Help Needed!

    So I am fairly new to saltwater aquarium. Some information about my setup before questions sorry it’s alittle lengthy. I received a 36 gallon bowfront with rock unknown pounds but four pieces and several snails/crabs last summer from a friend that only had from online purchase for 6 weeks...
  3. C

    New Hobbyist - Nitrate Question

    Greetings all, I've had a 25 gallon saltwater tank for roughly 6 months now and it's been a pretty smooth experience so far. I have nearly shell-less snails?/slugs?, live rock, aiptasia polyps, a long spine sea urchin, a neon dottyback, and a blue damselfish. Chemically speaking, the numbers...