protein skimmer

  1. thefishguy27

    Protein Skimmer

    Hi all- I recently purchased a bio cube protein skimmer for my bio cube 32 tank. It did not come with any directions and I'm a little lost in how to set it up. Can anyone give me some direction? Thank you! Also anyone know anything about the filtration chambers and the best way to set them up...
  2. T

    Help - Brand new protein skimmer setup

    My husband and I have a 180 gallon tank, and are now adding a protein skimmer for the first time. We have no experience with these what-so-ever. We purchased the Coralife Super Skimmer 220-gallon and got it set up, but the first time we turned it on, it filled up with water and just kept going...
  3. sptfyre51

    Refugium and Copepods

    I am setting up my sump and forgot to take into account the thickness of the glass when measuring for the first chamber. I do not have enough room to put my protein skimmer in the first chamber. One of the main reasons I want a refugium is to cultivate copepods as I would like a mandarin...
  4. fishlover0815

    Protein skimmer

    i have my protein skimmer on, but it dosent look right... There is no foam and water is over flowing to collection cup... Any idea why? I'll put a picture.