1. fishlover0815

    Clown fishes

    I'm sure all of you had a clown fish before right? I have read articles online and they say they get aggressive if not introduced at the same time, I want to QT the fish tho, and they say one fish at a time... I only want a pair in my tank... Will they fight? Or should I QT them together?
  2. fishlover0815

    Dipping the fish?

    i am currently cycling the tank, but in the future when I get a fish, should I dip it in a med then put it in the QT tank? I think that would be much more safer that just inspecting the fish.
  3. fishlover0815


    I read articles that says quarantine is really important and I understand that... But is it nescessary to quarantine for that long? And how do I know if the fish is not sick? Or is there a quicker way to quarantine the fish? I heard you can put them in fresh water for a little bit and it will be...