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    SOS!! Save my seahorse

    Why is my sea horse sitting at the bottom of the thank not moving I just bought it today I hope it’s still alive
  2. B

    Want to start seahorse tank but cant find tank

    I have done so much research I know everything about seahorses now. So I just cant find a reasonable price 30 gallon tank that is taller. Anyone who knows of a brand or one or has a link then please help me. I know you need a good filter, pump, protein skimmer, and etc... just need to find tank...
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    10 Gallon Dwarf Seahorse

    Hello, I am new to the world of saltwater. I have kept various tropical freshwater tanks (as of right now, I have 110g African Cichlid tank). This fall, I'm off to college and looking to bring a 10g tank I have sitting in my garage. As I was looking for what kind of fish to put in it, I stumbled...
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    Dwarf Seahorse Start Up

    So I have decided I want to get a couple dwarf seahorses. I am a stay at home mom and we already hatch our own brine shrimp for our two salt water tanks. I understand that I will need to feed them twice a day and four to five times a day if they have babies. My question is what should I put in...