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    Horn shark eyes

    I recently bought a horn shark and noticed that one of my angels was picking at his eyes. He stopped eating for a few days and was barely moving. I took out the angel and he is eating again and has become more active. His eyes are cloudy and have like a layer of white film. It looks like they...
  2. S

    White tip reef shark(3) looking for homes

    3 beautiful healthy specimens looking for a home. Would have no idea how to ship, just looking for an honest, knowledgeable person to take them off my hands because I’m not a shark expert they have a hired caretaker and do to a recent move I will no longer be able to House them with bigger...
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    Sick banded cat shark

    Hi I really need help ive had my shark for about a month. he recently started eating every other day. I have fast swimmers so it's kinda hard to feed him. But today he was gasping for air and I've found him on his back twice. I've tested the water everything pretty much okay. just yesterday i...
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    Temperate shark fungal infection?

    I have a female horn shark in a large temperate aquarium system. Over the last week she started showing some light colors sores just behind her gills. They have worsened and now there are white splotches showing up on other parts of her. Is this fungal? Recommended treatment? She is isolated...
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    What corals would ACTUALLY do well with sharks

    Sharks that grow 2-3 feet. Nothing large, mainly benthic sharks. It would be awesome if I could find some corals that would actually do well with them.