sick fish

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    I need help with my fish :(

    My fish has been sitting sideways at the bottom of the tank for such a long time and he’s breathing but he hasn’t moved for 30 minutes not sure what to do please help me!!
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    What am I doing wrong?

    Hello guys, I’m new around here. I’m sorry if I’m breaking any rules with this post. I don’t know where to turn. So here’s my story. I have a 55gallon tank that was used for turtles about a year ago. Earlier this year I cleaned the tank and let it sit for a month or two then cleaned it again...
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    Sick banded cat shark

    Hi I really need help ive had my shark for about a month. he recently started eating every other day. I have fast swimmers so it's kinda hard to feed him. But today he was gasping for air and I've found him on his back twice. I've tested the water everything pretty much okay. just yesterday i...