1. S

    Porcupine puffer is sick?

    Today when I fed my fish I noticed my porcupine puffer wasn’t eating at all and he wasn’t really swimming he was just kinda floating around and going in front of my powerhead and just kinda floating through that too. I have 2 clownfish, 2 damsals, and a sand sifting gobie and they all ate fine...
  2. sptfyre51

    Sick Foxface: Please help identify and treat

    I added a rabbitfish to my 150 gallon FOWL tank a couple of days ago. I didn't notice it the first day, but the second day I saw it had a pink lump on its mouth. Can someone help me identify it as well as know how to best treat it? my water parameters are 0.0 ammonia, 0.0 nitrite and 0.0 nitrate...