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  1. M

    Unicorn tang disease help please

    So at my work they have 2 unicorn tangs that have come up with some nasty disease that nobody knows what it is or what to do
  2. H

    Eel tank mates

    so I’ve got a snowflake eel and a yellow headed/fimbriated eel, and I was wondering what (if anything) I could put with them in a 75 fowlr tank? I’ve already got a small convict tang in a smaller tank that I’m gonna move to the 75 when it’s no longer bite sized. Thanks :):)
  3. Z

    Tangs, tangs, tangs. HELP!

    I'm ready to pull my hair out on this one. Not new to fishkeeping (20+ years in the hobby) but I'd call myself little more than a beginner in saltwater (roughly 2-3 years general experience). I work in a retail store as the fish gal, and it's corporate run so there's only so much I have...
  4. Jen831

    Tomini Tangs Mouth Stuck Open

    So I'll try to include as much info as possible....But long story short our tomini tang was fine all day yesterday. He is not breathing hard and was eating fine yesterday. I noticed early this morning that he can't seem to close his mouth. His lips, mostly the top one, seems very white and...