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    Need help with Octopus start up.

    My favorite animal is by far the Octopus. I have always been so amazed by them, and have wanted one as a pet ever since I knew it was a possibility. I know they are hard to keep, and can be testy to say the least. But I have plenty of animal care experience, including salt water tanks. I...
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    I got a unique case and I need help

    I’m trying to increase my amano Zoe survival rate and I’m trying to make changes that can make the 10 gallon I use more like a artificial sea bed. I’m planning to swap the substrate out for mineral mud to help algae’s/macro algeas and place ether live sand or non live sand on top, Live...
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    Want to start seahorse tank but cant find tank

    I have done so much research I know everything about seahorses now. So I just cant find a reasonable price 30 gallon tank that is taller. Anyone who knows of a brand or one or has a link then please help me. I know you need a good filter, pump, protein skimmer, and etc... just need to find tank...
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    Setting up my JBJ 28 Biocube!

    I take care of saltwater tanks for a pet store , and know the basics. Just wondering what I need for my 28 gallon FOWLR tank? So far I know I need Tank -check Heater (not sure on wattage) Instant ocean-check Live sand -check Live rock (not sure on how many lbs) Powerhead (thinking maybe a...
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    New Saltwater Tank :)

    Here's what i set up on 6/30: Fluval Vicenza 180 40-gallon dark bow front glass Marineland C-220 Canister filter Marineland maxi jet 400 power head Aqueon 150W heater 20# live sand 26# live rock Water is perfect already, however I'm waiting it out for another week or so. Here is what I'd...
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    Dwarf Seahorse Start Up

    So I have decided I want to get a couple dwarf seahorses. I am a stay at home mom and we already hatch our own brine shrimp for our two salt water tanks. I understand that I will need to feed them twice a day and four to five times a day if they have babies. My question is what should I put in...