water change

  1. Dylan7huskies

    New tank questions

    Hi I have a 20 gallon innovative marine fusion and was wondering... How long before the dry rocks turn to live? How long before adding a second fish? How long before adding corals? How long before the first water change? How long before adding a protein skimmer? Thanks!
  2. fishlover0815


    im going on vacation for a month, can I put some live brineshrimp in there and will my clowns help themselves? Or are they going to eat them all in a day? Will the brineshrimp create more ammonia? And will they hurt my 20 gallon tank? Or everything will be fine? Cause I might not do anywater...
  3. fishlover0815

    Water change

    im going on a vacation for a month, can I not change the water for a month?20 gallons
  4. bentley21

    Must have App to help with tracking parameters

    Hey I built this app to help me with water changes and keeping track of water parameters plus you can take pictures of your coral and fish in a gallery and track how many days you have had them. Support a member and download it on the apple store the app is called coral tank pro Thanks everyone...