1. J

    Yellow Tang in really bad shape - please help!

    Hello all, Ever since I was little, my dad always had fish tanks. We had moved into a new house about 20 years ago and he slowly stopped taking care of his 90 gallon saltwater reef tank. We never got back into tanks until the pandemic started and now i love having the fish tank bond with my...
  2. L

    yellow and blue tang help

    i have a 55 gallon saltwater, and i have currently a clown and a BTA, it has 90 lbs of live rock and 800gph filtration with a 7 gallon refugium. i was planning on temporarily getting a hippo blue tang and a yellow tang. do you know what order i should add them to the tank?
  3. Noah11vandever

    Yellow tang

    Hi there! So I've had this yellow tang for about 5 days now and after a scare we recently had which he was laying on the sand on his side and we checked the water and everything was fine so we added a little water. Anyways ever since this happend he likes to swim sideways and lean on the tank...