¿sea Slugs?



Sea Slugs are they hardy? I know that they change color pending on what types of sponge they eat, but besides sponge what else do they eat?? What sea cucumbers dont emit toxins when they are disturbed (or die)? Special lighting for slugs?

bang guy

Nudibranch are very specialized feeders. Most will only feed on a single specie of their prey. Unless you see them eat it's really difficult to figure out what to feed them.
Almost all have neutral bouyancy. This means that if they become detached they will float around until the bump into something. Usually the first thing they bump into is an overflow or a powerhead.
I would avoid them unless you have a specific pest that you know they feed on.


I have a big purple one that I got about 4 weeks ago and a little grey one that I bought 1 week ago. So for they look good. I'll post something if anything bad happens.
I've had a green and red cucumber for a year now and it's going well. It sits by the flow from the filter and filters the water with it's yellow tentacles that come out it's mouth.