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Cool but what is that multicolored thing that lookls like ice cream sprinkles???
I think you're talking about the urchin?


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Thanks everyone for your comments. To answer a few questions:
-Clown123 - It's a BTA. I took that picture the day I got it in the mail from SWF.com. Since then it has moved and found a permanent place to stay. My 2 Ocellaris Clowns started hosting it the day after I got it.
-ronaldj - Yes, I currently use an Emperor 330 running carbon. I have been planning on getting rid of it ASAP. I currently don't use a sump, but it's a top priority on my "todo list". I already have the tank I will be using (18g), I just need to get a sheet of acrylic, an overflow, return pump and PVC plumbing. All the HOB stuff is the one thing that I absolutely hate about my tank. My lighting is 400w MH (20000K XM bulb) with 110 PC Actinics, and moonlights provided by the LEDs in my canopy fans. Only using 1 bulb allows me to keep lower light corals on one side of the tank, and high light demanding corals on another. It works really well for my setup, since I upgraded to MH from PC about 4 or 5 months ago. My protein skimmer is a SeaClone 100 with every existing mod there is done to it. It actually does a damn fine job, but eventually I'll be in the market for a new skimmer.
-Fedukeford - I got all, yes ALL, of my zoos from doing trading with people online. I traded some shrooms for my first zoo frag, and then let that zoo frag grow onto some LR rubble, and traded a frag of those for some different zoos....and so on.
Thanks again for all of your comments! :joy:


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hawt. just HAWT. How about some more full frontal tank shots? :jumping:
Congratulations, you should be very proud!
....and I want your urchin. Please. :joy:


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Here's a couple more shots....
First is a Decorator Crab who conveiniently decorated himself with zoos, and managed to frag my Toadstool Leather for me. Grrr.
Second is the full tank shot (w/ flash) for ya Mimzy Wimzy. It's kinda hard to get a good shot of my tank in a frontal view. Always looks awkward.