10 gallon starter tank????


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i have a 10 gallon tank and wanting to do a small saltwater deal. i have 2 different filters 2 aqua clear 110 and a emperor 400 with bio wheels. also have a in tank sponge filter. i dont know what i should use thou. i am wanting 2 clown fish , cleaner shrimp and a anemone. i already have a aqua clear 70 300 watt heater , marineland penguin 1140 powerhead 300 gph. any suggestions.


you can't keep an Anemone in a 10g tank.
I would make it into a planted freshwater dwarf puffer tank.
If you want to go with saltwater save up and get a 55g


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You have adequate filters (the bio-wheel will work well). and PHs to set up a basic SW tank. Do a lot of research first, plan on only a couple of small and hardy fish and LR. I wouldn't do corals yet and an anemone is very difficult, definitely not for beginners. Take your time, ask questions, and you will be fine. You should be able to keep a pair of Ocellaris Clowns. Buy aqua cultured juvis, they are very hardy....but PLEASE do your research first. I somewhat agree with Pete above, what you can do is very limited, but it can get you into the hobby.


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If you're interested in the symbiotic relatioship thing like the clowns have with the anenome, look into goby and pistol shrimp pairs. You could definetly keep one in a 10 gallon.


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ok can i do 1 clown and a bright yellow fish of some kind , with a cleaner shrimp and crabs. or is that to much.
i plan on getting some instant ocean and some live sand.
does it matter on color?
also how much live rock will i need about 13 pounds?