10 Months old today.


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Tank has the 10 month old mark today.
Seems to be the sort of 'sweet spot"" time.
Water is stable, uglies are over and corals seem to be coloring and growing really nicely.
In particular the clams seem to be thriving, I am seeing new scallop growth on all the clams about every 7-8 weeks.
Our stocking list is 100% complete with the additions of a Yellow eye Kole tang and Sailfin tang.
Unfortunately we had to make the tough choice to move on our purple tang who was not so happy about the additions. But he has gone to a good home.
When we moved him, the remaining 2 yellow tangs decided they didn't like each other much either (although when the purple was about we never had any issues) the dynamics had clearly changed with the purples removal, so we added another yellow (odd numbers) and once again we have harmony.
Here are some pics of the corals and a few of the new fishies.

IMG_0153 (2).JPG


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Beautiful! All of your corals and fish look to be thriving in your tank. Have you had any trouble with the tangs not getting along?
Thank you

This lot were added at all the same time. So there has been no issues.
We have tried to add another since and it didn't work
So this is it for now.


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Fish are just weird lol . My big tank has naso tangs all the way down to a clown goby. No issues, I add a small niger and its my dwarf angel that gave the little guy shit at first lol.