100 blue hornet heads-$20


yup, they're real too.
but they haven't opened except for 2 or 3 heads.
so the owner of the store said he'd give me them all for 20 if i bring some in when and if i can get them open.
ill post pics later, and if anyone has info on how to get them open i would appreciate it.
thanks :)


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good flow similar lighting to the holding tank they were in (or the ocean they were harvested from) as well as impeccable water quality. and most important
dont move them every day trying to find a spot they like. set them and leave em. they may acclimate, but if you move them a lot they definatly wont.


thanks guys for the input. he said that he's had them for about 8 days and haven't opened in his system which is absolutely amazing. today is day two for me.
i gave them an iodine bath before putting them in my tank. i have 3 different frags of them and each is in a different spot in my tank. so far just the same heads are open.


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Make sure the water params are good, place them in the lower half of the tank and someplace with decent flow and then don't touch them. Depends on how long they have been closed up, but if they aren't melting away and you can really keep your hands off of them then they should open at some point, could even take a couple of weeks.