$100 dinner for my harlequin bass!

Damn, lost two cleaner shrimp to my harlequin bass
stuipid thing was as big as the shrimp. Why do I always have to learn things the hard way! Could have went out for a nice dinner instead.LOL
I gues thats the problem with combining two tanks. I am gonna have to trade some fish to make this system reef safe before adding corals and such.


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Im thinking about going reef as of right now as well. I have both a puffer and a eel in the tank. I might be willing to get rid of the puffer but not the eel. I am going to try some lower cost easier to handle corals and then see what happens
Things are alot more expensive up here in Canada. Those fish have alot longer way to go. I do agree though it is alot more expensive after hearing some of your pricing.
Spendingdough- I also have a harlequin bass., Added some peppermint shrimp to my tank to curb an aptasia hitchhiker breakout and simply fed my basslet 4 2" shrimps for a weeks dinner lol.. My cleaner shrimp is over 3" and hasn't been bothered. I added the shrimps at night with no lights, didnt matter just on his menu!! he does wha he does.. eat small shrimps


44 cad is only 30 somthing usd.
But it still sucks. I added a peperment shripm to my FO tank with a lion.. (had an aiptasia issue). The shrimp was HUGE and I fed the lion right before I put the shrimp in.
5 hours later shrimp is gone and the lions stomach is HUGE.
Big bully.