125 Gallon saltwater aquarium


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For a 125g tank with a 55 gallon sump underneath. Would these fish we all right with it?
Eel: snowflake or chainlink
Trigger: humu or niger
Puffer: stars and stripes or porcupine
Tang: yellow or convict
Wrasse: banana or lyretail
And which ones would be best?


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Ok w your wrasse they would eventually end up as eel food. The same could b said for your tangs.I've seen an eel chop a 12in lion in half that it was housed w for years. While cool. It seems w eels its more of a matter of when not if they go postal. Now I've had the hum hum trigger w a porcupine and a lion w/o issue. But if you want to lessen the chance of hostility the Niger is less aggressive in most instances


With what you listed:
Snowflake Eel
Stars & Stripes Puffer
Niger Trigger
Yellow Tang
I would avoid your wrasse choices though. They would not fair well with chosen tankmates. Most of your tank cleaning species would also not fair well (crabs,shrimps, gobies, etc.) You might even consider three of the yellow tangs. They do well in groups, and you have enough room in your tank. Avoid pairs of tangs, they tend to pair up and become aggressive to tankmates and each other.


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I have a 2ft snowflake that gives me no issues with my fish. I cant keep any crabs, shrimp, and have also caught him knocking snails off the wall. I have him with 2 coral cats, 4 green chromis, salfin tang, 6 line wrasse, coral beauty, and a maroon clown who is the boss of the tank. I never had a puffer of trigger for fear of pecking.