125 gallon stocking


I don't even have the tank in my possession and I'm already making a stock list lol. I just want to get all my ducks in a row first. I was hoping someone could make a list for me based of the fish I like? Here is a list
kole tang
purple tang
hippo tang
clown tang
sohal tang
magnificent foxface
pintail trigger
copperband butterfly
starbust anthias
bali rusty angel
flame angel
potters angel
I am open to suggestions, I hope to incorperate some of these fish the main ones being the hippo and pinktail. Do with your magic swf!


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Well you certainly have picked some difficult fish to try and keep. I'm not the best one to advise what you should or shouldn't keep but I deffinately woulnd't go with a Naso since these fish get quite large. LFS down the street from me has one an a 180G right now and the thing is so big it can barely turn around.


quick question...are we going with a reef or FOWLR? Then the narrowing can be made a little easier...I am myself getting ready to stock a 125 so I will watch your thread.



OK from the quick search I did, I have the following thoughts:
OK – reef safe:
starbust anthias
Hippo Tang
Proceed with caution:
kole tang (sometimes a coral nipper, semi aggressive
Potters angle (coral nippers extremely difficult to take care of
Copper Banned Butterfly (coral nipper)
Clown tang (too big, difficult to keep)
Pink Tail trigger fish (Too big, aggressive only partially compatible with corals
It looks like your into the "big fish" what about a swallow tail angel fish, they get large and are reef safe.
Also have you looked at any of the reed safe wrasses, some of them are larger and quite lovely. (just my .02 on that one)
I really cant tell you one way or the other, but that is what my research pulled up.. Also, if you are going to get a tang(s) you might want to just pick one or two. cant have them all....


Love Copperbands, but they are difficult to keep, and will nip at corals. If ich ever gets them, say good bye, and they die an awful death. Get a QT anyways. Sohal tang is a beautiful beast. They are very large, and mean, and I mean mean. My friend put one in a tank ( no other tangs) and within an hour or so he started attacking other fish in the tank. If you like tangs, check out some smaller ones liek the chocolate tang, beautiful fish once its past its juvenile stage. The orange on its tail is amazing, check out my older pics. Very nice and sweet fish. Never had a nicer tang. Naso is a giant poop machine, and will quickly outgrow the 125, and then be stressed out. i would stick with smaller fish, and there you have more options with a small tang or two to add more life.