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Blue Palys and IDK the others. IDs?

Star Polyps/Home of Saddle Clown

Xenias And Atomic Orange Zoas

Thoughts Opinions? Ill get more pics of what I couldn't get last night.
And if a mod can move the thread to the Reef section Pleaaaaaaase

I believe that the xenia picture that you have is actually a rare coral called a broccoli xenia....from my grocery store working days, the PLU 4080 is the look up # for broccoli
the things you remember from previous jobs, go figure!


oh man! i think your right! im gonna go make some bank on eday! ill split the profits

Anywayys, more pics. i suck at fish and fts pictures

Saddle Clown


Flame Hawk


just a little update on stuff.
getting a powder blue tang this week, and a mp40 in 2 weeks.
here's the tank, ive noticed i got red algae on my tonga and nowhere else. hmm, tang should clean that up i would hope.
Left Side


Right Side


Mean Greens, Blue Tub, Safe Crackers, Orange, and some Jap zoa after Furan II treatment

whats your opinions on the rock work? i made it so there is clear tunnels between the rock and back wall for more swimming room. and made sure its high so sps can get light from the t5
any changes that yeal would make/ add overall?
any suggestions for livestock?
-2 green spotted puffers
-pinktail trigger
-powder blue tang
-rusty angel
-flame hawk
-saddle clown
-McCosker's Flasher Wrasse