125gallon reef sumps setups


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hey all i just got done working on a new 125. I built a double sump setup each with its own intake and return. the overflow is a g@$$holes 1500 gph overflow box, all the lines are 1 3/4" clear vinyl with a 700gph pump in each sump
so what do yall think?


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Looks good. I am doing something similar with a 125 right now. I am using the beananimal overlfow system and will have one skimmer sump, and a seperate fuge, sump. The only difference in mine is ths sumps are attached with bulkheads, with only one retuen pump.
I will try and post some pics tomorrow of it.
If you get time, post some pics of your setup....so much easier to visualize when we are looking at pics....lol