13.5 evo stocking


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what should I stock my Evo 13.5 with I haven't set the tank up so any special needs in the amount of sand and live rock i can do list fish as well I really like cool inverts and want to get into corals with this tank
My advice start with two clowns, hold off on coral till you keep the same conditions consistently. Key factor would be a static salinity since that is the biggest factor
I would recommend a cleaner shrimp like a blood red fire shrimp or a skunk cleaner.
I would suggest softie coral as your first coral, if your water gets rich in nutrients than you could go for sun coral, in water rich with nutrients it will grow, however it can’t make food from light jpg to pdf
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I say 2 clowns and a cleanup crew. Cleaner shrimp do an amazing job eating leftover foods! Snails Hermit crabs! Corals I would wait 1-3 months to get your first coral, soft corals like green star polyp, mushrooms, zoas, leathers are all great options for a fairly new tank