150 watt MH too much for 12gal?


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hey guys, im going to go pick up my new 150 watt MH clip on light from my LFS today, and i didnt research before i bought it... is 150watts too much for my 12 gal nano? i want to start growing SPS corals... i finally decided to go top less with my nano cube and thought i should go with MHs. the only thing im worried about is my tank heating up too much. any thoughts?


I just replied to your other thread (I think).
I have a 150watt over my 14G and it's fine. I use it as a frag tank a lot of the time. Just be careful of temperature and watch your corals for any signs of bleaching due to the lighting.


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hey guys thanks for the reply!
I just set it up and im in love with it <333
this is my first time with MHs... it kinda smells like its burning, is this normal?