16 gallon cuc


I am getting back into the hobby and am starting a 20g nano. I personally am staying away from any crab this go around so I don't have to worry about them being aggressive. I will probably start with only adding 3 nassarius snails to help keep the sand bed clean and agitated. Other than that I plan on being the clean up crew! Don't really care for inverts messing with my corals either


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You will want more snails then that. You want to mix it up because they all eat different stuff. I have a 16 gal and have 6-8 small sand sifting snails, 3-4 nerite snails and about 6 cerith snails. I also have a few blue leg hermits and accidently got a zebra hermit, that guy is awesome. He doesn't bother the coral and he's all over the place. I also have a huge turbo who cleans great.