170g stocking list help needed!


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This will be my first time having an a saltwater aquarium and I'm quite unsure about what I want in my tank.
I defiantly want a dwarf lion fish with and eel but I don't know whether to go with a zebra or a snowflake I've read up on both but was wondering if anyone had experience with them.
since its my first time I would like fish which are moderately easy to care for, vibrant, colourful and ones that have great personalities!
This is a rough list however I would still like to add a few more.
1x eel (zebra or snowflake)
1x dwarf lionfish
1x Some sort of angel maybe koran?
3x Ocellaris Clownfish
1x Clown trigger
this is a very flexible list as I am open to addition or removal of any other fish which people suggest.


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wish i could have a tank that big lol...i would love one of the various types of dog face puffers i know that for sure...lots and lots of super colorful reef safe wrasse are out there...many types of fox face...tons of anthias out there...etc...those are some of my favs