2 IDs for ya! Blenny and SPS.


Alrighty.. got this little guy last week. I assumed he was a bi-color blenny but I keep having doubts. Most bi-colors I see have a dark navy front half, and yellowish back half, like this:

My little guy has a dark head, but that's it, and it fades all the way down to a pale yellow:

Also, I got my first SPS today. Guy at the LFS said a guy just traded in the little frag this morning, so he's not sure what it is. He said maybe staghorn but I thought staghorn had thinner branches. These are pretty fat and short. He's a VERY pretty lime green in the light!

Any help would be great!


BiColor blennies can change the colorations sometimes. Yours may stay that way, or after it acclimates turn more yellow in appearance, but I'm almost positive it's a BiColor.
The SPS is tough to tell, it might be Montipora Digitata, but this is just a guess.


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the sps looks like Psammocora obtusangula to me. I have one the size of a softball, really cool growth pattern. definatly a unique coral.