2 questions...


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my first question: I live in Florida, i was wondering if anyone has ever kept their saltwater tank outdoors? Its 55gal and would be inside a screened in pool on the patio. You think anything would be wrong with that? Also my 2nd question: what happens if the power goes out, is their anything special you must do, especially if its out for a couple hours, or is there nothing you can do? THANKS so much for any info...


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the fresh water might mess up the salt lvl and the weather might kill the tank. too many eventual problems to post


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Browse the local computer store or office depot. You can use a UPS backup power system. It stores electricity and turns on the second the power goes out, supplying all your equipment with juice.
The inexpensive ones generally only work for a couple of hours with a computer hooked up to one, so expect only about 30 minutes for all your tank's equipment. You might be able to squeeze 2 hours out if you turned the tank lights off.
The brand name we use at work is APC.