20 gal to 55 gal


alright well curently i have a 20 gal tank up and running its a FOWLR i have about 15-20 pounds of lr and about 30 pounds or ls but in about a month im going to be upgrading to a 55 and i was just wondering what would be the easiest way to do the transfer succesfully with out loosing any of my fish... thank you
curent stock list:
royal gramma
magenta dottyback
valentini puffer


Originally Posted by Mr.clownfish
i would put the fish in a bucket with a heater.
No, that will not work out for the fish.
Is the new tank going where the old one was? If not then the move can be gradual and quite easy. If the new tank is going where the old one was then it is best to set up a QT to hold your fish in while you move everything.


yea its going where the 20 is now and would a 5 gallon be big enough to house the three fish for that period of time?