20g Redsea Max Nano


Hi everyone!

Getting back into the hobby. Used to have several tanks in the past. Currently cycling a 20g redsea nano. Everything is going well so far. Just cant decide if I want to keep the black filters in the back or not. It has one in the back left corner and one above the return pump on the right side. They do a good job of keeping the water clean but also concerned with them just festering to many particles.

I just rinsed them in my discharge water from a water change and it certainly clouded the tank right up.

What do you guys think?

Toss them and add some rock rubble?
Rinse them out during water changes with the old tank water?
Leave them alone and change every 6 months or so?

Appreciate the help and happy to be back in the hobby! Once the tank clears and the lights are on, I'll post a photo


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Hello! Welcome back to the hobby. I would say filtration is a matter of preference. There are many ways to go about it. Get several opinions and then go with the one that best suits your goals. I run a 28g nano reef and only use a sponge for filtration changing it out every few days. No fancy equipment, etc. Just how I like it. :)


Thanks! It feels nice to be back in the game!

Do you toss your sponge every few days then and go with a new one or rotate them as you clean them? I'd much prefer to rotate them around vs going with rock back there just due to being able to access everything easily.

I think on my water change this weekend I am going to rinse the sponges out in the water change water and also vacuum out the sediment in the back of the tank to hopefully not make such a cloudy mess. I didn't do anything with the sponges for the first 3 weeks so hoping a more routine clean will not make such a mess.


Trying to get photos up but no matter how small I make them the files are too large to upload!