215 Gallon Complete Reef Tank 4 SALE


215 g, mature tank. Set up in 2002, runing non stop since then. Selling everything COMPLETE.
1/3 JBJ Chiller
2x 400 W MH with 2 new 20K bulps
3x 5ft VHO, plus new bulbs
2x 2400 Mag Drive pumps
36g EcoSystem Sump
6x 1200gph Maxijet
5 Stage Typhoon Water purifier
36 in UV Tube (6 months olf)
Inhabitants:350 lbs of LR
Dozen LPS, SPS tons of shrooms
Blue Hippo Tang, Blue Eye Kole, Flame Angel, Pink Anthias, False Perc Clown, 50+ snails, 2 red serpant stars (10 in), red brittle star, 20 Scarlet Hermits
Really sucks to let this go, but moving to country soon. Will start over when I get settle in new house. Local pickup on only. Will assist in moving, but not setting up.

Disclaimer, tank doesn't look this good these days, lost half these corals. Tears to my eyes.