220 watts enough?!?


I have had my 55wattx4 jebo light setup for about a month, I still need to buy 2 actenic 03 bulbs for it instead of the blues it came with, the tank is a standard 55gallon. so it is right at 4 watts per gallon,
is there any inverts that I can keep in there?
I just want maybe some different mushrooms, gsp's, mybe a long tentical plate coral, maybe a bta. are any of these reasonable possibilities?
I dont' know too much about lighting or corals


i don't know about the plate coral and the bta some people might argue with but gsp and mushroom's absolutely.. most soft corals and a few lps even

cayman isl

been a little over a month. He now spreads out much more than in that picture. I have him placed about midway up on a ledge.


When you switch out the bluie bulbs with actinic, you will have prety decent lighting. You will be able to keep most softies and some GSP. You may be ble to keep a BTA, but make sure it is high up a clone. ANd do not add it for about a year or so.
THe long tentacle plate coral is one of those corals that most people have trouble with. It is very difficult to keep alive over a year even with good lighting and water. Not sure why.


, I am just waiting to have 40 bucks to buy the 2 - 03's, so with that lighting I should be able to keep, any type of
mushrooms, button or star polyps, right?...
...how about some colt coral, or ricordea, and frogspawn, and maybe a torch coral, are any of them posibilities...am I getting to crazy already...???:sleepy: