24 Gal JBJ lighting Nano cube HELP!!!!!!!



ok so my jbj nanocube is about 6 months old... so far so good
but a few weeks ago my powerhead starting blowing bubbles in the water
I figured the pump ran dry or something but when I looked in the chambers in the back they were filled and the pump was fully submerged.
I checked out the pump and all seemed well so I left it alone and went skiing for the weekend. My sister called me at the mountains telling me my tank was making a horrible noise and water was shooting everywhere.
The tube connecting the pump to the directional fixture in the back of the tank was dislodged so it was shooting water all over.
I resecured the tube with tighter zipties and all has been good until tonight
I noticed a decent amount of air bubbles from the powerhead so I removed the old zipties, reconnected both ends of the tube to ensure security, and replaced the zipties...
well my tank is still shooting water bubbles and i really have no idea what to do now...
The tank falls literally days out of reach of the waranty
I keep thinking the problem is the green tube not being tight enough around the clear plastic elbow piece but i made the zipties so tight there is no way that much air is leaking into the tube...
let me know if anyone needs extra information or possibly even pictures

im scared to go to bed incase the tank expodes again!!!!


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Um... I wish i could help but is the water getting onto your floor of your house or something ? I dont think i would worry much about some bubbles in your water. Is that a bad thing ? I mean i guess i dont know so maybe i shouldnt be trying to help. But i would only be super worried if its getting on your carpet or something. Or you could just go and buy a new pump like a maxi jet or something to replace it with.


Check the hose itself, maybe it has a hole/cut in it. If not, replace it. if the problem persists after that I would suggest swapping out the pump. I used a maxijet 1200 in my cube without any problems. I did, however have the same thing happen with the hose coming off. Oh my God!!!
Good luck!


well i took everything apart just like i did before (and yes water was all over my carpet)
things seem to be ok for now but I may soon have to swap out the pump and be done with it
i dont have to have nightmares like this everyother month
thanks for the help!


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As a whole the pump that comes with the tank isn't the best I would upgrade to a maxijet 1200. As far as shooting bubbles a bad PH should not cause that if it is underwater. That basically limits it to two things.
1. You hose has a cut in it above the water level. Try taking the hose off and turning it around. If there is a small cut then now it will be underwater and problem solved. Or you can replace the whole thing.
2. The connection of your hose to your outlet isn't secure and the pressure of water movement is sucking in air and causing the bubbles. I would mess with it a bit make sure it is tight and secure.
I had the same thing happen with the hose coming off when I first got my tank. Happened at about 2am luckily it woke up me up though. Just make sure it all fits and is tight every week or so. Good luck.
Oh and make sure that your water level is high enough in the back chambers. If your PH is on the bottom of the chamber you should have at least 6-7 inches of water above the PH.