28 Gallon JBJ NANOCUBE HQI *IM back here again :)*


Well its been a while since i have posted anything. I have a 14 gallon aquapod that i bought k2 viper metal halide for. and i know i have enough lighting for anything in there. but the chambers are so tiny and my hands SO BIG that i cannot creat the proper refugium in the back plus the k2 sits precariously over the second chamber. I am sure its a fire hazzard. anyway I miss my bigger nanocube and saw that they came out with that new hqi monster. Just looking for thoughts on it if anyone has it what they think. it really looks like jbj looked at all the posts and mods to their others and got their ---- even more together to have it open in the back. I'm impressed. would you put a hydor flow in there or does the wave maker and directional thing work much better. *never bothered with a wave maker before. Cuz im poor lol and not real handy and kinda lazy.. anyway the filtration for my 12 is about 45 lbs of live rock stuffed in a 12 gallon and 35 lbs of live sand and nothing in the back sept some filter floss and it keeps everything better than i have ever had it before. i'm still scared to put lps or sps or clams in there cuz of the what if. I've been lighting myself up to it then i get scared to get em :( anyway i ramble. ITS BEEN FOREVER SINCE I POSTED LAST I MISS YOU GUYS :)