29 gallon Reef


This is the first pics of my aquarium I have posted. let me knwo what u think and what u would suggest to make it look better, maybe some coral suggestions. Sorry for the picture quality.
1 1/2 year old tank
150 watt halide coralfe
65 super skimmer
hang on back filter
stock list
1 blue fin
1 yellow belly blue
1 2 stripe
1 3 stripe
1 false perc



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personally I'd lose the dsb and put a thin layer of sand or cc... I think with a relatively small tank you're losing space by having it and the front glass is unsightly. You seem to have enough filtration to not need the dsb.
But if the tank is healthy and you like it - stick with it... just my opinion...
Whats your calcium level at? My guess its over 700. I'd also scrape some of the coraline off the sides... get it cleaner looking.
Corals look good.


calcium is around 400-420, thanks for the suggestions. Im going to take the suggestions I have received and try to change some things. In my tank I do not have too much sand, it use to be about 2 inches everywher. I have a blue fin damsel (4 inches) that has gotten too big for the tank and has now piled all the sand in the front middle.