29g ?


how many fish can you put in a 29g tank? i was planning on putting in 2 percs. a black & white one and a true or false one. and i was wondering if i could get any more in there or not....


you could get away with 2 goby family fish.
or a smaller type fish gramma. sixline.etc.


how bout the clowns, a yellow clown goby and maybe a bicolor blenny? i am prolly gonna get a 125g full setup and everything in july (but thats the earliest i would get it


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Originally posted by Socer03dud
i heard for every inch of fish you should have 2 gal.

5 gallons per inch closer to the truth


clowns would work. go for smaller fish maybe royal gramma or strawberry gramma. flame angels can work for a while as long as the tank is established and it has plenty of room to swim. and yes, watch out for the rule of thumb...dont pack in! hope things go well, 125 gal sounds boss.


actually i think i want the bicolor blenny more then i want the gramma.hmmm.... how big do bicolors get? and ahhhhh would the clown goby and the blenny fight? if so ill either get the clown and the gramma or the bicolor and the gramma... hmmm


I have a 29g with two tom clowns, a firefish and flame angel. Most would say I am pushing the limit, even with an established tank. Obviously dont add things fast, give it alot of time and do the regular maintinence and you should be ok. It comes down to your preferences really. Additionally, the 1 in of fish per 5 gallons is the accepted "equation".



Originally posted by cimpow137
would the clown goby and the bicolor blenny fight?

I'm curious about that too. Does anyone have these 2 together?


This is what I have in my 29g with no problems at all. I am amazed at how wonderfully they get along!
1 percula clown
1 clown goby
1 scooter blennie
1 yellowtail blue damsel
1 domino damsel
1 black cap damsel
1 long spine urchin
1 arrow crab
1 coral banded cleaner shrimp
1 unidentified star fish
1 nudibranch (Berghia BVerrucicornis)
1 unidentified crab
lots of different snails
4 brittle stars (tiny little things that are still to small to come out of the rocks)
Granted they are all small right now and I will have a 125g soon.


I have 2 false percs and a royal gramma in my 30. I could see the tank also supporting a goby or a small school of chromis. IMO you are really more limited by "territory" than bioload in a small tank. You just need to get fish that won't compete for the same space in the tank.
FishPhreak, scooter blennies live off pods like mandarins. If he is not eating the prepared foods you feed the rest of your tank, you will need to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't starve, because he will most likely decimate the pod population in a 29 pretty quickly.


Thanks for the info. I will keep and eye on him. I just got him last night, The pet store did tell me to feed him frozen mysis shrimp. But he was hiding when I fed my other fish so I am not sure if he will eat the fish food. I also have approx 40lbs. of live rock so hopefully that will help. I was going to get a Mandarin in about 6 months but decided against it after reading that they can still starve in a well established tank. The pet store assured me that scooter is much hardier and shouldn't be a problem. But I really do apperciate the heads up, I will be sure to keep and eye on him.
Thanks again!