29gallon Biocube 250W HQI MH PIC DIARY


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Candy Cane



Yellows and Bams

Ora Plum Crazy Acro

Rainbow Monti


Full Setup Pic

heres my breeding station for the Anglers food

any ideas as for names for the angler?


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You have very nice corals. Are you sure that angler is not going to eat those fish or other inverts in the tank?


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yup I talked to teh guy at the LFS know him..not a scammer just to sell kinda guy
he told me that they might eat my sexy shrimp, but wont go after anything else
they wont eat my shrimp and or my other fish
anglers are to slow to catch fish, and he said theres a small chance he will but thats only if hes hungry and decides to sneak attack during the night, but im fine with a reef angler tank anyways with inverts
hes so COOL to watch eat man its crazy! they are truly fascinating creatures


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wow man! the tank looks great! i love the corals! really amazing and bright! and or a name white dont you try blackie?


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Thinking about loading up on asternia stars and getting a pair of harlequin shrimp or just a single
can you mix red and blue?


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get some more pictures of the Angler!!! I can't see it very well. also it might help for naming purposes lol


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Getting within the next few weeks
Rose Nebulas
Purple Deaths
Some more nightmares
Nuc Greens
Shiny Blue payls
trying to sell most of my sps cept the rainbow monti and a few others that I like to keep to make room for more rare zoas and money to buy them


great looking tank i was going to get one of these but i opted for a 52 inch flat screen instead but im building up my reserve funds to get one of these, i cant wait


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Im thinking about getting rid of the angler and ordering
2x Emperor Shrimp(SP)
5x Sexy Shrimp
2x Harlequin shrimp
1-2x Pom-Pom shrimp
3-4x Bumble Bee Shrimp
what do you guys think?


hey wow nice angler and i guess he wouldnt eat the sexy shrimp(they are pretty smart) but better safe then sorry.
coo, glad that i inspired someone

about the bumble bee shrimp i would watch out with them they like to wonder alot and i would make sure u have alot of filterfloss in ur back compartment to catch them if anything. cool that ur getting 5, i ordered 2 and only got 1 but i saw it for a couple of months they again i had a urchin and where ever the urchin was pretty much the little shrimp followed but it didnt bother it to much.
emperor shrimp are the ----

i loved mine, when u introduce them to the tank i would use a clear plastic cup and place them towards the front of the tank near a ric or something u would like them to host, leave them there for a couple of hours then remove the cup and feed the ric they will now host that ric or at least come there to get food=p, thats just so that they dont disapear in the back of the tank.
pom poms are easy to keep i had 5 and as long as u feed them on a regular bases they wont hurt each other. so try to get 2 and u will love how the females carry eggs=P(i have a pair in my tank and i catch them locked together all the time if the female isnt carrying eggs.
harlequin shrimp are the reason i started into inverts, there are two species the common picta(redish) and the rarer elegance(bluer), i want the second species bc its just prettier, i would buy them as a pair. As for food i would watch out how much u give them, if u could give them a leg/arm of a star at a time.
as for ur invert list i would add different types of snails and hermits to add a little more diversity, also think about getting some Porcelain crabs they come in two beautiful species and are so great and entertaining to have. add these to ur list.
ur tanks looking amazing already=P.
i would like a little more detail on that breeding of ghost shrimp im very curious to try that out.