3 tanks for sale in Canton, Ohio!!


Hey everybody! This just kills me to do, but im gonna be moving in a couple months so im looking to get rid of all my saltwater stuff. I'm NOT shipping stuff so please pick up only. Here is what i have:
75g tank with stand, strip light, and brand new (still in the box) glass tops and 60lbs of sand - $200
Fluval 405 - $75
Fluval 305 - $55
Jebo protein skimmer (rated for 150g) - $60
54g corner tank. This one is set up and running very good as a reef. I am selling this one as a package (no seperates). It has a custom built over flow box with 10g sump, protein skimmer in the sump, two heaters, 2 pc lights on top that amount to 260w, There is about 55lbs of very nice fiji live rock, and about 30lbs of base (lava) rock. Inhabitants include 2 gold stripe maroon clowns, two jaw fish, 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 bubble tip anemane (clowns hosting), 1 bubble coral, 1 torch coral, couple of mushrooms, some zoa's, Xenias, and lots of snails and hermit crabs. Entire set up - $650
Finally, 20g QT with iron stand made to hold two 20g tanks one on top one on bottom. It has two cheap hang on filters and hood w/ light - $45
arch eye hawk fish - $15
neon cleaner goby - $10
I am happy to answer any questions and send pics if you would like. I will also entertain offers if u don't like my prices. Please email all interests to ryrylee16@juno.com. Thanks!!