3 Triggers?

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Is it possible to have 3 triggers in one tank? A Clown, a picasso and a sargassum? Would they go nuts on each other? I currently have the picasso and sargassum, thinking of adding a clown..


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I probably would not. The clown is going to beat down on the other two. A friend of mine tried adding a clown trigger to his set-up and it beats up pretty badly on his other triggers and fish, including his queen trigger. He knows that the clown has to come out soon because the aggression is just getting worse and worse.


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i actually at one time had a niger, huma, and a clown together, all 2 about medium sized...they actually seemed to form a "gang" they would swim/hunt/eat together and also "gang" up on any new fish that I would try to add


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Originally Posted by AW2x3
The biggest factor, here, is what size tank we're talking about.
That what I was thinking...


I have a 125 with a huma, niger, and a clown. The clown was added last, and its the smallest. So far so good. They dont seem to care about each other, as long as they all get to eat! ***)
I would yes but it all depends on they way they are when it is feeding time . you can feed at 2 different areas in the tank to avoid any feedding problems. when i had 4 triggers huma huma , niger , clown ,and undulated they didgood but the undulated went pyscho .just keep an eye on the clown they can turn mean reak l fast when it comes to food


you could sell tickets to that fight! i wish you the best of luck; i really like triggers.just plan ahead in case you have to remove someone before you lose everyone.


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So far in my tank I had this in order...Stars and Strips Puffer, Snow Flake Eel, Porcupine Puffer, Niger Trigger, Yellow Headed Eel (about a 20 inches I was worried about him but hes harmless) then I saw a small Clown for 35$ about 2 inches all my other fish are med side 4-6 inches. My puffers tend to stay by each other and both triggers accually sleep together. The Yellow Eel and the Snow Flake sleep with each other well. When feeding my Yellow Headed Eel will come out and look like hes going to attack for food but once he gets the smell of the fish he backs up. So for no aggression what so ever. My Larger Niger accually helps my clown get food because of my puffer likes to eat every thing in the tank... So we will see soon once i get my queen trigger if them will all get along but from what I have learned add the more aggressive trigger last and slightly smaller... Mine tends to be shy and harmless


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theres horror stories and theres good stories thats why they call aggressive fish or this might not ever happen right when adding aggressive fish there is always a chance every fish is different to and has been through there own different adventure when shipped around the world when having these fish your always at risk so i would say go for it why not I know a guy that has an all trigger tank with seven different species and 3 are known killers clown queen and udalated they all have been in his 220 since juvies now 2 years later there still all alive go figure who would have thought


Can you keep a Queen Angel or Emperor with a Clown trigger? With the Angel being larger at first than the clown.. they are both about the same size when full gorwn right?