30 Gallon Dwarf Lion Tank?


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Well, it was origionally for a Peacock mantis, but I'm happy having my little Chigara in his ten gallon. ^_^ Don't need another (yet lol), so I'd like to try a dwarf lion! My absolute favorite is the Black Foot one, but that's too big so right behind him on the list is a Dwarf Zebra (Dendrochirus zebra).
-Any tank mate ideas?
-What kind of filtration is best for these guys? Right now theres just a HOB filter with ChemiPure in it on the tank.
My boyfriend is a techy nerd kid and really wants to try the DIY LEDs that everyone's been doing lately, so that'll probably be my lighting. Just keeping it FOWLR.
I was planning on feeding with a stick, so hopefully not having a HUGE mess from feeding. This tank wont be up until summertime. Right now its sitting on a dresser in my room that's appearently unlevel.
Gotta drain it and then stick something under the dresser feet...


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You don't need much in the way of filtration... enough to keep the water clean. Don't have too much flow, they never seem to appreciate being blown around.
Aside from size, the black foot lion is a coldwater fish they have absolutely dismall survival rates.
Tankmates should be about the same size and not something that will pick on him. Food competition should not be a problem.There are a few other scorps that could go in a 30g.


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Think I can do as Fu Man Chu in there too? The fuzzies never really appealed to me much, plus I like the way they crawl. lol If I did that I wouldn't do any other tank mates.
If I didn't have a Fu Man Chu, how does this sound?
-Longnose hawkfish
-Lemon Peel Angel
-1 Blue damsel
-1 3 stripe damsel
I figure the lion will be young and small when I get it. If it eats the damsels its no big (can you even mix them like that?). From what I've seen at the LFS, the long noses seem to be like three inches. Think that's a safe size, oh lionfish guru? =)