30 gallon saltwater tank 6 years old




My tank has 4 fish 2 clowns and a 6-line and coral beauty
The female clown fish is 5 1/2 years old the male is about 2 years old
the female has never hosted to anything in all that time also I have never seen her try to lay eggs I have seen the hosting to the glass walls when they sleep and move the sand bed around during the day, .
Well I heard that if you put a clay pot in the tank, the clown fish will host to it and lay there eggs inside of it, well after almost 10 weeks or so I notice Some Eggs last week, Wow, well after about 5 days I could count them there were about 45 or so
I figured it would take about 10-14 days to hatch well they did at day8 and i wasnt around so I assume that all the fish ate them as food.
Well I was pissed, couldnt believe I missed hatching,
36 hours go by and I look into the tank like I always do looking at the place, where the old eggs were and would u believe that there was a hugh patch of eggs say 200 or so, if u look at the pot at the bottem the patch of white is the eggs
I have a ten gallon tank setup for about 5 years now it was my daughters tank but she outgrew it and we strip it of all fish only live sand rock and some crabs and snails, but it has been a great tank so I figure this will work perfect for the babies,
The only problem I have is how to catch them or not to? I figure they will hatcharound day 7, when they look like they have something shine'e inside of it,
I think I am going to get a big bag and QT the pot the the smaller tank before the eggs hatch and let the hatch in the other tank, then place the pot back in to restarte the process ??
Please let me know what to feed these small babies ?