300g is finally in my house


I have had this tank for a few months sitting in my buddys house. I finally got all the electrical work done and the stand completed. We moved the tank in last weekend and will start the plumbing this weekend. I still have to build the canopy, skimmer, and ca reactor. I will probably do the skimmer this weekend. Im building a ASM skimmer.
I still havent put the trim around the stand so forgive me for that but it should be completed by new years.
I was able to keep all my sand and live rock from my 90 so I will use it in this tank..... 160lbs of live rock isnt going to really put a dent in what I will need but it will give me a start..
tank is a oceanic 96x24x30


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I'm jealous too. That is an awesome tank and sounds like you are taking your time and doing things right. Good luck and remember to post progress pics.


worked on the plumbing this past weekend I still need to do some tweaking to get the flow just right. The DIY skimmer is just about done. I have attached a pic of that. My buddy and I built it.....it aint pretty but it works good.
happy holidays.



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geez, thats pretty cool, how much did it cost you to make that skimmer?

well my buddy pretty much built it for me the most expensive part was the sedra pump.
thanks for the kind words... i mean i know its not really pretty but he has made them before and they suck out some nice gunk.
happy holidays guys.


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Ouch I just got slapped into the "need another job for bigger tank" category... Congrads on your new accomplishment! Can't wait to see post cycle pics WooHoo!