should i go for it? seen it on CL last night, acrylic300gal reef ready, stand, canopy, pc lighting(wont use), 2 quietones 1000hh, bunch of FW stuff.
i was thinking clean it up and paint the stand, get a 65 for a sump($100) and run the skimmer from my 125(Octo NW150) until i can upgrade it. i wouldn't add many fish till i upgrade.
right now im making about $850 a month working two jobs, live with parents, going to school ect.
i just find myself limited with my 125 with what i want to get so i was thinking this could be the turning point where i can get what i want.
i have about 100Lbs of LR right now and would need to add about 200lbs of rock, would base rock be a good option?
then the skimmer
so expenses would be
200lbs of base rock...200
ASM G-4...................350
which= 1 month pay
i would probably get a vortech MP-40 down the road, and would need a 24" sundial t5 fixture to put in the middle to supplement my current sundial fixtures.
so im debating

going down on thurs. to check out the tank, ill post pics then


That is one huge tank. If you have the room, and the cash for upkeep it would seem fine to me. However, I can't recommend that anyone go aquarium poor, just to have a big one.


Originally Posted by I<3Reefs
That is one huge tank. If you have the room, and the cash for upkeep it would seem fine to me. However, I can't recommend that anyone go aquarium poor, just to have a big one.

my 125 in my room has a foot and a half on each side so i figure this would slide right in its place.
i was thinking and it really wouldn't cost that much more for upkeep. maybe an extra 10-15 a month for food and then just salt. our electricity bill would be about the same because we are taking down one of the ponds outside because the hill is sliding

what am i missing of upkeep expenses.??


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I have said it before. The tank itself is often the cheapest portion of the system when you get into the larger tanks.
Skimmers get spendy for larger tanks, supplements go quick, bulb replacements seem to be perpetually due. More power to run everything is a concern but it is not the end of the world. More Salt, More space to mix, More manpower to perform tasks.
No single item in your daily routine with a larger tank will sneek up on you, but it is when you add the nickle and dimes they suck from you that you feel the brunt of the responsibility.
Supplement regiments on a stocked 300 reef can be quite a job in itself. Reactors and proper equipment can ease most of this long term expense but initial outlay for setting it up can dwarf the tank's cost. Another factor is space for the addittional equipment. Support by other members of the household for basic service to all the equip.
Not fair to burden your parents with a system not even NASA could figure out once it is in full bloom. Most larger systems get more complex as they evolve. Everyone that might have to work on it needs to stay familiar with the layout. This seems like an oddball issue to stress but if this is in your parents home then they will need to be kept up on HOW to perform some of the work in case of emergency or your absence.
If it is in good shape, then snatch it and put it in the garage along with the rest of the equipment needed. Launch out of the gate clean and done right once you move out but I would not reccomend it to someone living with the folks unless they are avid hobbiests themselves.


honestly giving you situation i would ONLY buy it.
keep it stored up. until you move out.
would be a nice self present to come home to one day!
but if you fill it up now...you're probably going to use up ,most of your money...this hobby is very expensive =/.


thanks for the replies guys/girls.
i had exactly that in mind of keeping it stored and keep getting all i need until i have a full setup and can put it together all at once.
both my parents are into freshwater, and my dad can maintain my 125 when im out a few days so i dont think the 300 would be much of a difference because i would set it up the same way just to a larger scale.
i know what yeal are saying about not putting it up until i move out, but i will be here for a few more years and when i do move out it will be in the same county because of the field of work i am going into.(hopefully mid july i start the academy)
energy costs wont be affected, and i don't dose my tank i have now and its doing great. i just have softies and lps under t5 lighting.
i already discussed it with my dad and he said it was my decision and if i do decide to go with it he will help the same way as he did with my 125(he wants a sohal tang)
im going out on thursday to take a look at the tank so ill post up pictures of it then


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i want a 300g... who cares about the energy bill, his parents probably pay for it, lol... good luck...


^thats the exact opposite of how i was feeling "who cares".
i took into consideration that it wouldn't be much more than my 125 i have now, and that we took out a pond in the back.
ill have pics up on thursday of the tank