Live Selling and Trading Rules: May, 2008

This forum is for hobbyists who want to sell or trade frags or other livestock. No businesses are allowed. No links are permitted. If you have something to sell you will need to post the pictures/descriptions in the thread.
In order to post in this area, you must be a member in good standing for at least 30 days and have participated in a meaningful way in the other forums with at least 50 posts.
These rules have been implemented to protect our members. We encourage your participation, and ask you to share your knowledge, in all the forums.
Members who post exclusively in this area without active participation in the other forums will be considered a business and their accounts will be suspended. We encourage all the members of this site to report violations to the moderators so that we can maintain the credibility of this forum.
Thank you for your participation.


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Are you taking it apart? If yes, then I'm interested in your chiller and lights. What lights do you have on it?


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what do you want for the calcium reactor, and does it come complete( pinpoint ph, and tank with regulator)?