4 gallon NUVO pico reef diary


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For the OGs still lurking around. I'm back. Just finishing up college and I finally have a stable place to live so I decided to try another tank. Once an addict, always an addict. Way smaller this time, but im extremely excited to get this going.

Lights are stock for now but I wanted your guys opinions on what you think I should do as far as lights go. I'm looking to keep a full reef (sps included)
---Current setup:
Clamp 4watt LED
3 x 1watt daylight 10k LEDs
--------this may be 14k^
2 x .5watt actinic blue LEDs
---figured LEDs would make it much easier to control the water temperatir

As far as livestock goes i havent put much thought into it but im looking to go as colorful and exotic as possible. You guys think this 4 gal would be suitable for a pigmy or dwarf
Octopus? Any ideas on rare inverts of fish post them here.

The filtration system is built in but i think I am going to add some more natural filtration in the back chambers.

Tank just came in today and I'm ordering all my stuff online so it'll be a few days before I start my cycle.

Stay tuned, i just came into a lot of money and just recently got my fix of saltwater fish after almost 6 years away so this tank is going to be bananas. Hopefully after this rant you get the jist of what my goal is for this tank so I am open to any and all suggestions.

Attached are a few pictures of the tank straight out of the box.





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Congrats on the new tank. I don't personally think you should take the risk of keeping too many rare creatures in a 4g tank. That is bananas.

I hope it all works out. Looking forward to the build.

Congrats on your money and stability!


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Couple updates here. Have everything except LR which should come in sometime this week. Flow inside this little tank is wild.