48" Current Outer Orbit HQI F/S


I have a 48" Current Outer Orbit HQI 150w MH fixture (model 1042) I am parting with. Used for 2 years. 2 130w actinics (used only 1 month about 4 hours a day if that), 2 DE MH (I have 14000k Phoenix bulbs in their now used 2 months). 6 LED moonlights (some need to be changed out as they are dim, I did not use them) Comes with 3 powercords - 1 actinics 1 MH's 1 LED moonlights. I am honest about this so here are the issues. Needs new screws to hold glass on to cover the MH's. The sliding plastic cover for the actinics has salt build up in it and is hard to slide, one has a small crack in it but otherwise ok. One brand new ballast was put in 3 months ago. Fans work. No shorts in wiring. I have 2 or 3 extra legs to go with the unit. I do not have a hanging kit for it. I will clean it up prior to shipping to make it easy on your end. I will ship but I have had issues with lights being damaged so I will have it packed at a UPS store and they will be held responsible. Asking $350 OBO. Will ship at buyers expense.
I will post pics as soon as I get a chance...Thanks
man I wish I wasnt paying out 900$ this week or I would buy it in a hearbeat.....dang rent & car pymt!!!

PS: I have been eyeing the same light at my lfs