50 gal corner tank

mr. limpid

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Nice tank things are small now but they grow and a few things will no longer survive in your tank. Start thinking on upgrading in the next year or two. Also one tip that Haitian anemone has a very strong sting and will kill any coral it can reach. I hope it finds a happy spot for you and stays put, it looking good, it will get darker brown tentacles.


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Thanks a million for the info. any tips and things are wonderful. Mr. Anemone only moves around one or twice every couple months. he likes to go hunting for my carpet anemone. thankfully I'm always here.. lol Ive had him a little over two years. he was on of my first saltwater buddies. and thankfully only stung me once.. hopefully he will chill after getting a bigger tank.


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Yep an upgrade is really going be needed with a Hippo tang. A background will make the tank look even better. I like your rock work and the critters look very happy and healthy! Good job.