500 for a pair of black onyx?



If I had a lot of money, than sure!! But as a reasonable person, I definitely wouldn't pay $500 for two fish.
Now if you think you can sell the babies for good chunks of cash and would make the $500 back plus some, then it might be worthwhile.
Let us know what you decide to do!

nm reef

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Nope...not for me....I'd purchase either a new return pump....kalk reactor...or maybe a chiller before I spent that kind of money on any fish!


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I got my pair for $140. $500 is WAAAAAY too much in my opinion.
The problem with buying "spawning" percs is that when you move them to a new tank, they can take up to a year to spawn again......sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, occasionally never.
You would be better off buying a pair of juveniles/young adults and take the 6-9 months to raise them and let them spawn in their own time.
Email me if you want to know where I got mine. He is a private breeder and really good to work with. In a few months, I will have my own to sell (hopefully:happy: ). Thejediray@aol.com
Good luck!
GO ILLINI!!!!!:cheer: :cheer:


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thats the thing... a sposably spawning pair has to wait a long time before they feel confortable enough to spawn again