65G Reef with Question....


Hi to all,
I have a question in regards to my 65G reef, I did some water testing today and would like to know your input. I have SPS and LPS in a mixed reef.
My Cal is over 520! Is that too high, enough to cause harm?
Next my KH is 143, is that too low or just right?
All other levels are great!
I want to keep my reef great, and I am a little new to water testing!
Thanks to all!


What are you testing with? The calcium is a little high, but nothing to be concerned with. The KH is throwing me off though, as that looks like a number off of those 5 in 1 test strips. If you are testing with the strips then I suggest you go and get better test kit. The test strips are really inaccurate. Go with something like Sera test kits for testing important parameters in your tank.


I am using Reef Master Test Kit, not the strips. This is my 2nd testing of the KH. On the 19th of Aug it was 125 ppm, so I have been dosing with B-Ionic to get it up. Now we are at 143ppm or 8 today! So its going up, but my Cal is too. I will stop the Cal dosing for a while to get it down. What are the best numbers to aim for with the Cal and KH?