75 Gallon COMPLETE SETUP in South Florida (Boynton Beach)


75 Gallon aquarium (built in overflow w/ plumbing) w/ wood stand/canopy. 440watts of VHO mixed lighting. This deal includes EVERYTHING! 90+ lbs. of liverock, 80lbs of livesand, wet/dry ASM Protein Skimmer (good up to 150+ gallons), brand new never installed 9 watt coralife UV Filter. It really is a nice setup. The tank and rocks have a ton of coraline algea. I have 4 pieces of coral in there that look great, and bloom big and full when the lights are on.
I have about $2200 into this setup, and purchased everything new. It's been running for about 1.5-2 years. The coraline algea looks great, the water is perfect.
I'm only asking $800. I have it in the palm beach post, and I got a bunch of calls today. First come first serve :)


BTW, I love the tank, I'm selling because I am moving, and the house I am moving into has a built in 150 into the wall.


If you break up tank, I am interested in some of the rock and possibly coral.


Hey Jennifer, I want to see if I can sell it as a complete set, then I'll consider breaking it up. The live rock is awesome, and there is actually over 100LBS, I went back through my reciepts. I'll let you know.


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I am in Boynton...Jog and Gateway..... What is your rock bottom price??? I will buy the whole thing if the price is right. I have a truck and can pick up any time.